External Accommodation

Middlesbrough College does not own any halls of residence, however there are a wide range of accommodation options in Middlesbrough.

Private Halls of Residence

    There are a number of private halls of residence in Middlesbrough which provide a good range of facilities for students. We don’t recommend any individual provider but the following links provide a good starting point – they are ordered according to proximity to the College:
    There are a range of other options that can be found through a Google search for private student halls of residence in Middlesbrough

    Private Rented Accommodation

    Most private rented accommodation in Middlesbrough is provided by private landlords or landlord consortiums.  Prices can range from £50 - £60 per week upwards.  Some landlords include certain bills in their rent, for example water rates. 

    Things to think about

    Any contract that you enter into with a private landlord will be between you and them. Middlesbrough College has no control over the actions of private landlords and cannot control their activities. You are strongly advised to check the terms of any contract before you commit to anything. Middlesbrough College cannot accept any liability for any contract that you enter into.

    Once you have signed a contract with a landlord, you are responsible for meeting its terms. This could include payment of any rent for the entire period that you have committed to, even if you change your mind about living in Halls or private rented accommodation.

    Typically, students tend to start looking for next year’s accommodation in October. While it is probably true that the better accommodation options will be taken early in the year, should you decide not to commit yourself too early, you will probably be able to find something nearer the start of your course.