Career Coach

Career Coach is a fantastic online tool for those looking to find out more about the available courses and careers that are connected to their interests!

Career Coach uses comprehensive labor marker data to help you find the perfect career that is suited to your skills. You can complete a helpful career assessment to find out what careers you might enjoy. Career Coach is also directly linked to the study programmes at Middlesbrough College so you can find a course that will help you to fulfil your career dreams.

With an option of three different questionnaires, Career Coach will help you to hone in on your interests and how these relate to the world of work!


How it works


Take the career assessment

The assessment will help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work.

Browse Careers

Browse the careers that you are interested in based on the answers of your assessment, or search for a career that you know you want to pursue.

Discover the data

Find out everything about the careers including average pay scales, employment opportunities, daily tasks, skills employers are asking for, education level of people already in this career and live job postings. You can read all of the information to decide whether this career would be a good fit for you.

Choose a course

Once you’ve decided what type of career you might want to pursue in the future, you can browse the ‘Available Courses’ to see which programmes we offer at Middlesbrough College can help to get you to your dream role. Click ‘View Course Info’ to find out more about the course and for details on how to apply!

If you want to find out more about the career you’ve chosen or the type of course that can help to get you there, you can ring our course information team on 01642 333333 or come along to the College to one of our Open Events. You can also arrange to meet with our Careers Team who can provide impartial advice and guidance and help to find a course for you. Our Advisers will help you with any questions you have about coming to College and assist you to make your course application.

CV Builder

Career Coach also offers the function to build your CV! This is a great tool for all students. You can add all of your personal information including work experience, qualifications and skills. The tool allows you to download your CV so you are ready to start applying for jobs.