About our programme

Our Supported Internship programme is a study and employment pathway that enables young people aged 16-24 with an Education, Health and Care plan to achieve meaningful work experience and potential employment.

The supported Internship allows you to explore your employment options in a fully supported environment with hands on experience.

The programme extends across an academic year where you will be placed in voluntary employment. The unpaid internship allows you to gain the skills needed for work and helps you to move into employment.

Alongside your time on the supported internship work placement, you will complete a personalised study programme which includes study for relevant qualifications in English and maths.

You will build the skills essential for employment including developing a positive and flexible attitude, work readiness and clear communication skills.

Our Supported Internships allows you to explore the full range of job sectors and types of work matched to your skills, interest and abilities. Sectors include IT, administration, retail, museums, horticulture, creative arts, catering, hospitality and much more.

Students also have the opportunity to gain experience in the College’s onsite Vintage shop; Second Time Around! Students will manage and run the shop, completing tasks such as stock organisation, creating displays, sales and handling money.

Skills you will gain on the Supported Internship programme include:

• Employability skills

• CV writing

• Teamwork

• Working independently

• Searching and applying for voluntary or/and paid work

• Interview skills and technique

• Local labour market information – where the jobs are

• Financial awareness

• Professional behaviours and expectations

• Understanding health and safety in the workplace

Individualised programme

Working with experienced tutors, placement coordinators and supportive job coaches we are able to offer an individualised programme of holistic support. This includes:

• Support in the work place through induction and beyond, so that students are able to understand their job roles and responsibilities, getting to and from work (which may include travel training), building confidence to become part of the work team and getting to grips with the physical environment.

• Preparation for Adulthood; healthy lifestyles, budgeting, and financial awareness in preparation for independent living, diet and nutrition, traveling independently and travel training.

You will grow in skills, abilities, confidence, communication, and personal responsibilities! You will also be equipped for the skills needed for the world of work and preparation for adulthood.

We work to build a vocational profile with our students to best meet their personal goals and match them to a placement that best meets their employment needs.

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