Work Experience

We have developed excellent relationships with local, regional and national employers and will work with your child to find a business that can provide quality and relevant work experience.

The benefits of work experience include:

  • Being prioritise for future job opportunities and apprenticeship vacancies
  • Gaining access to some great employers within the local areas
  • Enhancing a UCAS application
  • Gaining confidence and self-esteem
  • Gaining a greater insight into the world of work
  • Giving their CV the edge over others and helping refine their career choice
Your child will be assigned a dedicated Work Placement Co-ordinator who will visit them and provide support throughout the process, ensuring they get the most out of the work placement and that it fits with their career ambitions.

A work placement could be for a few days or a few weeks, giving your child a real working experience in a company that best matches their course at Middlesbrough College or TTE. Depending on the field they are interested in, our dedicated Work Placement team will be able to help then gain a relevant placement. They will also be provided with a travel card to ensure they can get to work each day!

Your role as a parent or guardian: we strongly advise you to encourage your child to actively seek out and take up work experience opportunities throughout the year. 

Students studying T Levels will take on an industry placement that lasts at least 45 days, helping them to gain valuable experience in the workplace. They will spend 80% of their time in the classroom and 20% of their time in the workplace. 
If you or anyone you know can support your son or daughter with a work placement we would love to talk to you. For more information about work experience or helping with placements, contact our team by emailing