Standards of Behaviour

We hope that your young person is settling in well at College. Attendance and behaviour are of high importance to us, and positive behaviour and attendance will help your child to succeed in their studies. We have put together a guide explain our behaviour management policy to support your child throughout their time at College.

Students will be issues with different cards depending on their attitude, behaviour and attendance whilst studying with us.


Positive Behaviour Card

These cards will be handed out to reward positive behaviour. We believe every day is a fresh start and all students have the opportunity to receive a positive behaviour card. These on the spot reward cards will be handed out on the street and in the classroom for positive behaviour. If they receive 3 cards, they can be exchanged at the College canteen for a free breakfast bun!

Yellow Card

Yellow cards are warning cards that will be handed out to students who have poor behaviour. Examples of misconduct include*:
  • Inappropriate language
  • Inappropriate behaviour
  • Poor attitude to learning
  • Disrespectful behaviour
  • Vandalism
  • Littering
  • Smoking/vaping inside
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Misuse of College IT
  • Misuse of substances
  • Low level of violence
  • A 3 trigger attendance
* Not exhaustive list

Red Card

Red cards are given out in extreme circumstances for gross misconduct and will result in a panel hearing. Examples of gross misconduct include:
  • Violence
  • Weapons
  • Sexual harassment
  • Supply of drugs
  • Wilful damage
  • Serious breach of College policy
  • Serious health & safety
  • Bringing the College into disrepute
Any serious threat to students or staff can result in immediate exclusion without the right to hearing or appeal.
Students who are awarded yellow cards will move through the behaviour process if they repeatedly misbehave. 
Behaviour process from informal warning to panel hearing