Performance and Attendance

Middlesbrough College and TTE will inform parents and guardians each half term of how your child is doing at college via a performance report. This includes our judgment on your child’s attendance, behaviour, attitude to learning, completion of independent online study, industry placement and progress towards their target grade in their main subject and maths and English (where applicable).

We will make the half termly bursary payment (if eligible) based on good attendance, behaviour and attitude to learning.

We will provide rewards and incentives to all students who have excellent attendance, behaviour and attitudes to work as well as those who make big steps to improve.

We will invite you in so you can discuss your child’s progress in person.

Attendance is very important, and research shows that students who miss 10% of their classes, on average achieve a grade less than expected, which could affect their future career or study options.

We ask for parents and guardians to encourage their child to attend all their classes and industry placement and to report any absences as soon as possible.