Financial Support

Application For Financial Assistance 16-18 Year Olds

Application For Financial Assistance 19+

We understand that studying can be expensive and put a strain on your finances, that is why we have a team of staff ready to advise you and tell you of the variety of funds we have to help students financially. The first thing you need to know is that if you are aged 16-18 you will not have to pay for your study, its free. If you are over 18, you still may not have to pay, or you could receive help with your fees. In addition to your fees we know there are extra costs such as books, equipment and field trips. You may be eligible to apply for the funds below.

Please download the Financial Assistance Forms below (requires a PDF reader) or call into Students Services to pick up a form. Alternatively, call 01642 333606. 

You may be able to get help with equipment costs, travelling expenses and help with trips and residentials from funds that are allocated to the college. There is a detailed application form to complete which is available from Student Services.

To be eligible for Student Financial Assistance, you must:

  • * Apply on the form available from Student Services

  • * Satisfy the means test

  • * Be able to satisfy residence rules

  • * Be an enrolled Student of the College

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