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Finance and Fees

If you choose to study a Higher Education course at College, the fees can be considerably cheaper than university study and there are a number of loans available to help fund the cost of your course.


• For full-time courses (September 2017 entry) fees range from £6150 for Foundation Degree to £9250 for Bachelor Degrees

• For part-time courses (September 2017 entry) fees range from £3960 to £4500 for 120 credits per year


Course fees can be found on individual course factsheets HERE.

Please note: these are subject to change from Teesside University.


Student Loans Make Higher Education Affordable For All

If you are a new student enrolling on a designated Higher Education programme and studying at least 30 credits a year, you can apply for a loan to cover the full cost of fees each year.

This means that your course will be free at the point of entry and you only make repayments if you are earning over £21,000 a year.

Your loan repayments will start in the April four years after you begin your course, even if you are still studying, or in the April after you leave your course, whichever comes first.

Repayments are based on what you earn, not on the amount you borrow.

If you are earning less than £21,000 a year at this point you will not begin repaying your loans. If you are earning over £21,000 a year your repayment will be calculated as 9% of any income you have over £21,000. After 30 years, any outstanding balance is written off.

Click HERE to view The Student Loan Companies top tips on staying safe online when applying for loans.

Funding from your employer Employers may be able to pay part or all of your fees upfront. You get to study for a qualification that will improve your ability to do your job and advance your career prospects, and your employer benefits from a better qualified, more productive and motivated employee.

If your company doesn’t have any sponsored programmes, but you still think further study would be beneficial to you both consider making a proposal in support of your request.

The first person to talk to will be your Line Manager but you should also be prepared to make a case to other senior staff or the Personnel Manager, who may make decisions on training expenditure.


Support from Teesside University

Teesside University offers a wide range of financial support for Higher Education students who may need additional help funding their studies.

• Access To Learning Fund

• Disabled Student Allowance

• Elite Athlete Bursary Scheme

Click HERE for further information about financial support at Teesside University.


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