Higher Education Courses at Middlesbrough College

Selecting the best possible course for you is key decision to make, and can be a difficult one.

Have a look at the courses we offer in order to select a course that meets your career aspirations, interests or even just to find a course that you know you’ll love to study.

Should you need more help, call our Careers Guidance Team on 01642 333607 and book on of our FREE advice sessions.

We will help you choose the right course.

Discover our Higher Education courses in partnership with Teesside University - click on the image below to view our courses available.


Applying Has Never Been Easier!

For part-time HE courses Students should apply directly through Teesside University’s Online Application system 

For full-time HE courses Students should apply directly through UCAS

Search online HERE for all Higher Education Courses available at Middlesbrough College