Leadership And Management Training

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Supporting Your Training Needs in Business Management.

Middlesbrough College can also offer you a number of bespoke training solutions for all your business, management and professional needs. We have a proven track record of delivering high quality training to employers across Teesside and can with your workforce’s professional and personal development in a number of areas including finance, quality assurance, human resources, sales and marketing, leadership and management and first-aid.

Please find below a list of courses and sessions compiled by our team of specialist staff. To discuss our provision in further detail and to find out more how they can have a positive impact on your workforce’s productivity, call 01642 333333.

Leadership and Management Training

Finance- AAT

Business and finance drive the world’s economy and every successful organisation relies upon effective financial decisions to operate. Middlesbrough College has a 100% success rate in all of its financial and accountancy courses and holds the accolade for ‘Medium Provider of the Year in 2016’ for its AAT provision.

• Budgeting for the small business – planning and control

• Finance for non-financial managers

• Managing cash flow, keeping your business health

• Making sense of financial documents

• Introduction to bookkeeping

• Introduction to working with bookkeeping

• Introduction to bookkeeping and accounts

• Spread sheet software

• Control accounts, journals and the banking system

• Intermediate course on processing bookkeeping transactions

• Control accounts, journals and the banking system

• Advanced accountancy in professional ethics

• Advanced accountancy course in accounts preparation

• Advanced accountancy in preparing final accounts for sole traders and partnerships


Human Resource and Leadership Skills

Our human resource courses cover a range of leadership and staffing issues suited to employees at managerial level. They are designed to help your business recruit, retain and motivate an effective workforce whom can operate much more productively.

• Conflict management

• Creating an inclusive culture

• Managing stress

• Recruitment and interview skills

• Managing performance through appraisal

• Skills and feedback techniques

• Equality & diversity

• Team building


Business Management

Good business management skills are essential in any work-place. Our short courses cover a broad range of effective management procedures for businesses. They are designed to equip managerial staff with the analytical tools and techniques to improve internal and external operations.

• Influencing skills

• Presentation techniques to engage audiences

• The art of public speaking

• Change management skills

• Time management skills

• Innovation and creativity in the workplace

• Project management

• Problem solving and decision making skills

• Critical thinking workshops

• Team building

• Managing Stress in the Workplace


Sales and Marketing

Our range of short sales and marketing related courses are perfect for any industry to get a more in-depth understanding of how to develop better customer relationship practices. They are designed to allow businesses to gain a better insight into the whole sales process including aftersales and taking your business offering online.

• Selling skills

• Telephone sales

• NLP for sales

• Social media for sales

• Assertiveness

• Closing Deals

• Critical Business Decision Making

• Customer Service Skills Excellence

• Dealing With Difficult Customers


Leadership and Management

Effective management skills and practices can have a significant impact on your businesses performance in terms of profit, sales, growth and survival. Our range of short courses are designed to ensure your management team stay up to date on the latest tools and techniques to effectively lead a team. We also offer a range of professional qualifications from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

• Delegation & Empowerment

• Delivering Developmental Feedback

• Developing a Positive Mental Attitude

• How to Cope With Stress on a Day-to-Day Basis

• How to Deliver a Motivational Appraisal

• Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

• Managing a Matrix Team

• Managing Change

• Negotiation Training

• Questioning to Success

• Report Writing

• Resilience

• Understanding Risk Management

• Goal and objective Setting

• Listening Skills

• Networking and relationship building

• How to hold and behave in a meeting


ILM Executive Master classes

• Level 5 Accounting for Managers

• Level 5 Becoming an Effective Leader

• Level 5 Developing Critical Thinking

• Level 5 Effective Coaching & Mentoring

• Level 5 Leading Innovation & Change

• Level 5 Managing Customer Relations

• Level 5 Managing Equality and Diversity

• Level 5 Making a financial case

• Level 5 Making Improvement

• Level 5 Making Professional Presentations

• Level 5 Managing Stress and Conflict

• Level 5 Performance Management

• Level 5 Recruitment and Selection

• Level 5 Managing Risk in the Workplace

• Level 5 Understanding the Management Role

• Level 7 Certificate in Executive Management


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